Elle a vécu 72 ans.
  Père  : Konstanty JANKOWSKI   Père  : Stanisław PAWLAK
  Mère : Barbara FRĄCKOWIAK   Mère : Marianna MARCINIAK
Marié Naissance : Mari
Franciszka JANKOWSKA Dimanche, 11 Février 1871 Mariage Ignatz PAWLAK
Charłub, Gmina Książ Wielkopolski - Pologne Acte ? - Franciszka 22 / Ignatz 25
Samedi, 1 Avril 1893
Baptême : Antigo City, Langlade Co, WI - USA
Lundi, 12 Février 1871 Prêtre : Rev. W.H.H. DeHoen
Franciszka Mchy, Eglise Św Marcina Biskupa - Pologne Témoins : Ignatz PAWLAK
JANKOWSKA Parrain  : Wojciech IGNASZAK Andrew PAWLAK Frère 1868-1940
Marraine : Małgorzata KAZMIERCZAK Albert JANKOWSKI Frère
Prêtre : Antoni PIECHOCKI Enfants
Immigration Témoin : ?
de Bremen à Baltimore Mary 1894-1895
Jeudi, 12 Septembre 1889 Décès : Agnes 1894-1895
SS Rhein Dimanche, 24 Janvier 1943 Felix 1895-1900
Antigo, Langlade Co, WI - USA Frank Joseph 1899-1954
Naturalisation Helena 1901-1970
Inconnu Inhumation :
Janvier 1943
Antigo, Cimetière Queen of Peace - USA
Témoin : ?
Mary & Agnes Pawlak Nées à Rolling le 27 à Février 1894. Décès 1895
Felix Pawlak Né à Antigo le 14 Mai 1895. Décès en 1900
Helen PAWLAK Née à Rolling, 26 Avril 1901
Ignatz PAWLAK Né à Gola Pologne, le 12 juillet 1868 - Décès Antigo, le 16 Octobre 1940. Inhumé au Cimetière Queen of Peace.
by "Logingtrail" on Ancestry
History of Langlade Co. Ignatz Frank Pawlak A well known railroad man of Antigo, was born in Gala (Gola), Poland,
the son of Mary and Stanislaus Pawlak. He attended parochial schools and during summer vacations worked
on his parents' farm as a boy. When twenty-one years of age he came to the United States.
One year previously, his mother had died, his father having died when he was but two
years old. Both are buried in the city of Jaraztewo (Jaraczewo), Poland. Coming to the United States
Mr. Pawlak came direct to Antigo and stayed here for a year. He then moved to Chicago
and three years later to Milwaukee, from where he returned to Antigo. He then bought a
farm in Rolling township and engaged in agriculture for five years. He again moved to the
city of Antigo to become chief blacksmith for the C. & N. W. shops. He previously
conducted a blacksmith shop on Fourth Avenue for twelve years, assuming the position
with the Northwestern in the fall of 1912.
Mr. Pawlak was united in marriage on April 18, 1893, to Frances Jankowski, daughter of
Constantine Jankowski of Rolling township. To this union five children, three of whom are
dead, were born. Those deceased are: Mary, Felix and Agnes. Helen and Frank reside with
their parents at 803 Clermont Street. The Pawlak family attends St. Hyacinth church. Mr.
Pawlak is a former Treasurer of the church congregation.
During the World War he was active in promoting the cause of America among his fellow men.
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