He lived 49 years.
Father  : Ignacy ANTONIEWICZ 1827-19?? Father  : Paweł KANIEWSKI
Mother : Józefa GRZEŚKOWIAK 1836-1883 Mother : Marianna MARCINKOWSKA
Married Born : Wife
Franciszek ANTONIEWICZ Thursday, August 25, 1859 Marriage Zofia KANIEWSKA
Gola, Gmina Jaraczewo - Poland Act 4 - Franciszek 31 / Zofia 21
Tuesday, February 4, 1890
Baptized : USC Pogorzela - Poland
Saturday, August 27, 1859 Officiant : ?
Franciszek (Frank) Św. Marii Magdaleny Church, Jaraczewo - Poland Witnesses : Zofia KANIEWSKA
"Farmer, Flagman Railroad " Godfather : Józef ANTONIEWICZ, Uncle Panienka, Kmiec Franciszek FOLTYNOWICZ 1869-1918
Godmother : Julianna GABRYZIAK, Aunt Panienka, Kmiec
Immigration USA Children
Frank & Sophie US Naturalization Born Gola Poland     Marianna 1891-1891
Wednesday, October 7, 1891 Tuesday, January 6, 1903 Born Antigo WI     Frank Ignatz Dellies 1892-1938
From Bremen to Castle Garden (NY) Born Antigo WI     Edward Bombinski 1894-1990
Death : Born Antigo WI     Anastasia "† Religious" 1896-1972
Sunday, January 5, 1908 Born Antigo WI     Theodore Bauman 1897-1965
Antigo, Wisconsin - USA Born Antigo WI     Paulina Jankowski 1898-1971
Born WI     Joseph Francis Ryerson 1900-1984
Buried : Born WI     Clara Van Alstine 1903-1983
SS Weimar January 1908 Born WI     Thomas Moore 1906-1980
Star Sign Queen of Peace (St. John's) Catholic Cemetery.
Antigo, Wisconsin - USA
Virgo SS : Steam Ship Census 1900 : Langlade Co - Antigo
Census 1900 Antigo. Frank and Anton are neighbors in homes they own.
Census 1905. Anton bought a farm in Rolling. Thomas is not yet born (1906).
Census 1910. Frank is dead. Sophie head of the family.
Census 1920. Sophie is dead. Joseph head of the family.
The WEIMAR was a 4,996 gross ton ship, built for North German Lloyd of Bremen by Fairfield Co Ltd, Glasgow in 1891.
Her details were - length 415ft x beam 48ft, one funnel, two masts, steel construction, single screw and a speed of 13 knots.
There was accommodation for 49-1st, 38-2nd and 1,907-3rd class passengers. Launched on 9/2/1891, she started her maiden Bremen - Baltimore voyage on 21/5/1891.
On 17/12/1891 she commenced her first Bremen - New York - Baltimore sailing and on 2/6/1897 started her first Bremen - Suez - Australia voyage.
On 7/2/1900 she commenced the first of two round voyages between Bremen, Suez and the Far East and on 25/2/1903 started Naples - New York sailings.
On 23/9/1905 she started on the Bremen - South America service. Her last Naples - New York voyage started 11/5/1906 (8 round voyages),
last Bremen - Australia on 13/6/1906 (9 round voyages), and last Bremen - Baltimore on 11/5/1907 (57 round voyages on the North Atlantic).
In 1908 she was sold to the Italian owned Lloyd del Pacifico and was renamed SANTIAGO, and in 1909 she went to Chilean owners and was renamed ARMONIA.
In 1917 she became Canadian owned and was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine near Porquerolles Island in the Mediterranean on 15/3/1918.
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Zofia's parents : Marriage, POGORZELA - Act 3, May 11, 1857 - Paweł KANIEWSKI 29 (Born Pogorzela January 14, 1828) / Marianna MARCINKOWSKA 19 (Born Pogorzela July 30, 1838)
Paweł KANIEWSKI Son of Jabub & Marianna KOPYDŁOS(ZCZĄ)KA KOPYDŁOWSKA. Marriage Pogorzela, Act 5 - September 28, 1823
Zofia KANIEWSKA - Born POGORZELA, May 13, 1869.
Sw. Marii Magdaleny Church, Jaraczewo Św. Michala Archanioła, Pogorzela Church Grave of Frank & Sophie - Antigo
Very probably, Family Frank Antoniewicz Family. 1912/1913. Frank died in 1908.
Children in the background, from left to right : Theodore, Paulina, Frank, Edward, Anastasia.
Front : Thomas, Clara, Joseph.
Middle : Mother, Zofia (Sophie) KANIEWSKA ANTONIEWICZ
Antigo is a city in and the county seat of Langlade County, Wisconsin, United States.
The population was 8,234 at the 2010 census. Antigo is the center of a farming and lumbering district,
and its manufactures consist principally of lumber, chairs, furniture, sashes, doors and blinds, hubs and spokes,
and other wood products.
The name "Antigo" comes from the Chippewa Indian name for the river that flows through the area,
"Nequi-Antigo-sebi" meaning "spring river" or "evergreen."
The city was founded in 1876 by Francis A. Deleglise, accompanied by George Eckart.
The log cabin in which Deleglise lived is preserved and on display at
the Langlade County Historical Society Museum.
A street in Antigo also bears his name.
The city gained its charter in 1883. In the early part of the 1900s, Antigo was best known for its sawmills.
At the turn of the millennium, the city's economy had a balance of industry and agriculture.
High on the list are potatoes, dairy products, fur, shoes, fertilizer, steel, and aluminum products,
along with the lumber and wood product industries established in the earlier years.

Francis Augustine DELEGLISE
(February 10, 1835 - March 25, 1894) was an American politician. surveyor, and businessman.
Born in Bagnes, Valais, Switzerland, Deleglise emigrated to the United States in 1848 and settled in Wisconsin.
Deleglise lived in Dodge, Manitowoc Counties, Wisconsin, and in Appleton, Wisconsin.
During the American Civil War, Deleglise served in the 6th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment and was badly wounded.
In 1877, he settled in the present city of Antigo, Wisconsin which he platted and started.
Deleglise was involved in the real estate business and was a surveyor.
He was a Democrat and then after the American Civil War became a Republican. Deleglise served as chairman of the Antigo Town Board.
He also served on the Langlade County, Wisconsin Board of Supervisors and was chairman of the county board.
Deleglise served as the Langlade County treasurer and served on the school board.
In 1893, Deleglise served in the Wisconsin State Assembly.
He died in Antigo, Wisconsin while still in the Wisconsin Assembly.
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